Richard Jones, EMT

What can I say about Logan Lore, well first I have to tell you a brief story of my journey. I have been sick, really sick with a chronic autoimmune disorder and chronic inflammatory disorder. I work in health. A high-stress environment with shift work,  poor health management and balancing a young family, my mind and body gave out resulting in rheumatoid arthritis, great pain when walking or lifting and massive fatigue.


I was unable to work, was lucky enough to have income protection and a medical certificate for a year + Thanks to a very insightful and savvy GP I was forwarded onto Dr Greg Emerson ‘s Treat the Cause Clinic, I must say invaluable. Through Greg, I learned of Logan Lore, as I began to understand Greg’s philosophy and reading his posts I became aware and intrigued by the possibility of being a person of optimal health and become empowered. I then sent off an email to Ben Logan the director. His response had me hooked. Positive, insightful and inspiring, nailed it on the head what I was about and where I was coming from.  


I cannot rate the course high enough, although I have not had the pleasure of ‘face to face’ in the forests of New Zealand, I was able to work with Ben online over 5 weeks. Empowering, completely tailored to me, Richard Jones, a very insightful smart man, at a level that was easy to understand. The beauty and simplicity of this course is that it is not a ‘fad’ it is not a ‘wonder treatment’ or any such rubbish, this has all been around for centuries with science only now catching up. It is feasible, obtainable and simple yet powerful, it makes total sense and does not involve massive outlays of cash for nutrition or purchase of crazy fitness machines. I have gone with difficulty walking and moving, to being able to run 5km for the first time in over a year, perform effective martial arts again, not be completely wiped out due to fatigue at home, have become trim and fit and as of Tuesday the 7th / 02/ 2017 I returned to work on a plan. Best of all I have the energy for my family and have the tools to help them become masters of their own health.

This was all put down to initial medical treatment at Treat the Cause with Dr.Emerson. The empowerment and life-changing events came through Ben Logan at Logan Lore. Life changing and amazing, if you want to be inspired and empowered and masters of your own health I can’t rate this course and company high enough.


Ross Clarke, Business Owner

I have worked with other "health professionals" in the past so naturally, I was sceptical leading into our online course with Logan Lore but very quickly I was amazed at Bens knowledge, the ease of which it was delivered and put into strategy tailored for my needs. I have found tremendous benefits to this online course and would recommend it to everyone.


Sam Oconner, Accountant

I am a father, husband and business owner and it was fair to say the pressure of life got the better of me and I had let myself go. I found seeking information on the internet hard and could not make the changes last. I was recommended the Logan Lore Online Course and contacted Ben. Not only did the course completely change the way I viewed and improved my health but it has helped my productivity at work and across all areas of life. I am fit, healthy and strong and have the strategies the sustain them. I feel like a new man.


Rich Marsh, CEO

I was recommended a fathers and sons course by a colleague and booked one with Logan Lore. I was amazed at how easily it was to design a course for the 2 of us with so much detail but done with so much ease. I had the expectation a good holiday and bonding experience with my son but left with what I consider the tools to be the best man I can be. My health has increased dramatically along with my productivity at work. The course was set in the mountains but everything I learnt was highly transferable into my individual lifestyle. I would recommend this course to anyone and am currently organising a course for my company.


Simon Ross, Father and  Builder

I live in an urban city with my family and over the years we have had a few near survival scares. I saw a post on social media about Logan Lore's everyday survival for the everyday man and was intrigued. After these scares, I did not feel prepared to look after my family and wanted some training to protect against future dangers. After completing the online urban and wilderness survival course I was nothing short of blown away by Ben's knowledge, the ease of which the information was put across and the feeling of empowerment I now have to look after my family. I found the psychology of survival and the rest of the course incredibly rewarding and am looking forward to the other aspects of the courses.


Shaun May, Real Estate Agent

I live in the city and have a busy life, a lifestyle that was taking down my health and I needed to fix it. I worked with other professionals in this area but always found I could never sustain the information. I discovered Logan Lore and was fascinated by the lifestyle they lead. I booked an online course and we went to work. I was amazed at how easily the course was designed around my lifestyle and time requirements. In the past, I found health, wellness and empowerment courses and information daunting and difficult to get my head around, it was a foreign language to me. The way the online course was set and the way Ben put their concepts across left me empowered with information and strategies like I have never come across before. I stay on top of life now, not under it. I would highly recommend the Logan Lore online courses.


Mike Richards, Father, Husband and CEO

Long story short the strains of life got the best of me and I was sick, unmotivated and down. I was recommended the Logan Lore bespoke course after hearing how it helped a good friend. I contacted Ben and fell in love with his ideas, concepts and visions about navigating the world we live in and staying on top of the game. I booked a bespoke course in the mountains of Wanaka. The course was a once in a lifetime experience, not only the mountains and landscape but Bens personality, the ease in which the information was delivered and the feeling of empowerment I had. I left the course a new man and most importantly to me I had the strategies to make that feeling last. An experience everyone should have.


Charlie Munro,  Business Owner

After a  few scares travelling abroad with my family, I was left with a very unwelcome feeling of being unprepared. I wanted to shake the feeling and needed some help. I discovered Logan Lore was instantly attracted to their philosophies, ideas and the way they conducted themselves. I booked an online urban survival course and was amazed at what I learned and feeling of absolute empowerment I had after. The information was relevant, practical and highly useful. This is a course every man and father should do.


Brian Sam's, Surveyor

I was gifted an online course from my wife. I must say at first I was a bit reluctant after not having much success with other courses in the past. I was first attracted to Ben's ideas and philosophies as to what it meant to be a man in this modern world. It truly changed the way I viewed myself and has made me a better Husband, Father and Man. What started out as an obligation turned into an incredible experience.


The Murray Family

We were recommended a family course from friends who had been on a Logan Lore Family Experience. We wanted to get away and learn some valuable information that the kids could also benefit from. This course exceeded our expectations 10 fold and were left wanting to go straight back. We learnt what seemed to be one of a kind information of health, how to perform at our best and how to safely navigate the world we live in in a way that we could all grasp and understand. Nothing short of an incredible family bonding experience and one that I would recommend to everyone.

Simon Brown, Lawyer

I found Ben to be a rare and very clever man. My online course was unlike any other, easy to organise and complete and highly rewarding. The team at Logan Lore are onto something very special.


Carla Munro, Creative Writer

I have always wanted to be fit, strong, healthy, mentally clear, and spiritually open, however, there always seemed to be a ‘reason’ for me to just not get there. Too many commitments, children, work, life getting in the way, you know how it is! Then, I found Logan Lore. I went on a two-day course into the mountains with Ben and Greg and what I learned about myself, about how to create and maintain my own optimal health, and to nurture my inner self, both physically, mentally, spiritually, and emotionally. It was the most incredible two-day experience ever and I truly believe what I learned on this course is the way to the ultimate health. It just made sense. And it worked! I felt so good, so alive and so proud of myself after that weekend and I would recommend any of the Logan Lore courses to anyone who wants to discover and nurture their very best selves.



Karen Ekman, Physical Therapist

I went out for a lesson with Ben a while ago thinking it would be interesting to learn what wild plants we could utilise in our lives. I really did not have any expectations what so ever, but the meeting over exceeded all my imaginations from the moment when Ben told me "It's not only about what plants we can eat to survive if we get trapped out in nature, nowadays we need to know how to survive cancer." 

Being a physical therapist I have been focusing a lot of thoughts and understanding of the human body in relation to movement. I used to be a competitive athlete and have been a vegetarian for a couple of years. I do yoga, try to meditate and really thought I lived a healthy life. After spending only four hours with Ben in the forest I started to understand the bigger picture of the human systems. All I learned correlated perfectly with my thoughts on the human's physical system. It was all so logical and clear, and I couldn't understand that I hadn't seen all this before! Learning that you can, and should, strengthen yourself on all different levels - mental, physical and physiological. Not necessarily to survive a storm out in the wilderness, but to maintain maximal mental and physical health in today's society. Not either only to decrease an already high blood pressure or to seek help for mental fatigue, but to prevent these from occurring in the future.
It doesn't take much effort, neither is it expensive. With a little bit of knowledge and awareness, the choices we make and the money we spend each day can all be invested in optimising our strength and health in the present and for the future. Not a day goes by without me noticing the effect of this meeting in my actions. I would recommend a course with Ben and Logan Lore to anyone and everyone.


Jaden Leeming, Professional Athlete

I took part in a Logan Lore Expedition 26th to 28th of may 2017. I went in with no expectations and found the trip an amazing overall experience where I was able to push myself physically and mentally, whilst taking away some great lessons I want to incorporate into my day to day life. From learning about wild food foraging, environmental conditioning, intermittent fasting, shelter and fire building I also loved learning the whys behind them and openly discussing our thoughts on each topic. An experience I'll never forget and would recommend to anyone looking to push themselves and performance in whatever field they may be in.