Logan Lore Survival is a preparedness and survival company based in the mountains of Queenstown and Wanaka, New Zealand and is the only company of its kind that provides bespoke and customised training, courses and immersive experiences. Each and every one of our courses and experiences are completely bespoke and are designed around our client's background, experience level and what skill sets and knowledge they would like to develop from the training. We operate our courses this way because we believe that this customised approach and individualised level of training provides the best results for our clients.

Our mission is to draw from our knowledge, background and experience to provide the worlds best preparedness and survival training in a way that is highly transferable and can be applied in the real world. From individual and family preparedness consulting through to advanced survival, we strive to deliver one of a kind training and experiences that are innovative, realistic and highly effective. The Logan Lore teaching methods focus on three mains areas, the experience, the knowledge and the strategy needed to implement the training to your own individual lives.

Aside from our physical courses and experiences held in the mountains we also provide survival and natural disaster preparedness consulting along with a range of online courses and valuable content suited to companies, organisations, families, and individuals.


Every day we carry ourselves and hold the mindset of being "Crisis Proof". It means to live life with the fullest of intent but to do so with the mindset, skills and knowledge to be able to thrive in whatever situations may present themselves, protecting yourself and those you love the most. From pandemics, urban threats, accidents in the wilderness to natural disasters, emergency and survival situations do happen.


We live in a world that is ever-changing and one which constantly provides threats, challenges and danger. Instead of living life with a sense of fear and anxiety, we operate out of a sense of confidence and empowerment. This mindset of being Crisis Proof and the skillsets that accompany it allows us to live life with supreme confidence and fulfilment and one that we take immense pleasure in being to provide others with.

Our purpose, our mission and our focus is to equip groups, families and individuals with the skillsets needed to thrive instead of just survive in the face of adversity.


Ben Logan

- Director & Lead Instructor -

As an elite athlete, health, performance and survival specialist, Ben’s ultimate passion is working with like-minded groups and individuals teaching and showcasing ways they can become better prepared and more resilient against emergency and survival situations. When he’s not in the backcountry mountains of Wanaka training with his Alaskan Malamute, Maska, you can usually find him testing new research on human optimisation, survival training and exploring with his family the beautiful region of Wanaka that he calls home. He has worked and trained with families and adventurers in basic preparedness through to advanced survival with pilots, search and rescue and military personnel.


- Instructors -


All of our instructors are highly trained and have extensive backgrounds in medical, survival, operations and logistics and military training.


Their work is a byproduct of themselves and are dedicated to becoming the best instructors possible..

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The Experience: 

We don't approach our survival training as a spectator sitting around in a circle, we get stuck in there. A fundamental aspect of all of our physical courses is the immersive experience we provide. We simulate realistic survival scenarios appropriate to our client's experience level which greatly elevates in the intrinsic enjoyment and also what can be achieved in the training. From shelter making to extreme cold water training, the immersive experiences adds extra layers of team building, comradery, critical thinking, enjoyment and added performance to our overall courses.

The Knowledge:

Our training and courses are the culmination of over a decade of researched-based, field-tested knowledge and experience that has seen our methods and training used to the highest levels around the world. Our training is taken from science-based psychology, physiology, human optimisation, survival and crisis preparedness that has been tested to its utmost in real-world scenarios.

The Strategies:

Our goal is to equip people with skillsets for life, this is where the individual strategies we provide come in. Our training not only focuses on the experience and knowledge but also ways our clients can continue their preparedness and survival training in a way that has sustainability and longevity.

Online Training, Courses and Consulting:

Natural Disaster and Preparedness Consulting:

Knowing that you have the gear needed to thrive if and when a natural disaster strikes provides an incredible feeling of confidence and empowerment. We provide tailored and customised preparedness kit lists and consulting for companies, organisations, families and individuals to act as an insurance policy and to provide that peace of mind that you have the right plan in place and the gear needed. Over the years we have had the pleasure of providing high-end preparedness plans down to basic preparedness kit lists and everything in between, all with the same level of attention to detail and personal customisation.

Online Courses, Videos and Virtual Tours:

We are currently in the process of making a range of world-class online courses, videos and virtual tours to provide further training and accessibility to our clients from all over the world.



All of our courses and experiences are designed around the distinct and pronounced seasons we have here in Queenstown and Wanaka. These are some of the skills and teaching concepts that will feature across our different courses.

LE Gear Motatapu 20.11 WebRes-4.jpg


Urban Survival


Psychology of survival

Priorities in a survival situation

Logical response training / critical thinking

Mindset strategies

Situational awareness

The domains of profiling

Everyday carry

Car survival kits

Home survival kits

Asset resourcefulness

Water purification

Wild food foraging

Safety whilst travelling abroad

Family and individual survival preparedness kits

Urban bushcraft and shelter construction

Improvised tools, weapons and equipment

First aid kits and application

Metabolic efficiency training

Environmental conditioning


Arrowtown LEGear - BelJones - HighRes-8.

Wilderness Survival & Bushcraft


Psychology of survival

Priorities in a survival situation

Logical response training

Mindset strategies

Gear planning

Emergency gear and survival kits

Water purification

Wild food foraging and identification



Wood processing


Fire craft

Rope craft

Knife Skills

Shelter construction

Improvised tools, weapons and equipment

Metabolic efficiency training

Cold climate survival, environmental conditioning

Wilderness first aid







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To start designing your Bespoke Survival Course and to answer any questions you may have about what we can do, contact us via the form below, call or alternatively email us at info@loganlore.co.nz

Ben Logan,

Logan Lore Founder and Head Instructor.

Logan Lore, Wanaka, NZ.

+64 21 082 814 36

Thank you, talk soon!

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