The Strong Mans Hypoxic Workout

We want to be wolves, not the weak, domesticated dog. We know the laws of evolution and understand that we live in a fragile world, the only way for us to grow our iron like robustness is to consistently challenge our physiology.

Much our my work and writing revolves around the concept of hormesis. The idea of providing the body with periods of short-term, adaptable stress with the goal of building resilience and strength, engaging our natural biology with incredible health being a by-product of the exercise.

Hypoxic training in the cold water against a strong current, when done in a controlled way comes with tremendous benefits.

The famous Lakota warrior Crazy Horse is rumoured to have had an iron cloak which protected him from harm. His incredible resilience was a by-product of his environment and his necessity to survive to look after his people, for us the rules are still the same but our environment is drastically different therefore we need to implement strategies to achieve the same result. A great afternoon spent with my brother Scott Logan pushing boundaries.

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