Amphibious Strong Mans Workout

2 brothers testing their mental and physical limits.

Health, survival, resilience, adaptability and mental resolve is not something you can be given or can buy, it is earned and is only ever found on the other side of hard work. Perception is a funny thing, one might perceive this as crazy or stupid. We perceive this as an opportunity to take the day by the balls, to add layers of resilience, boost the immune system, mitochondrial health, and testosterone levels, activating AMPK, and autophagy.

Physically we all have incredible limits but through past experiences, our brains make up false layers which say "this is probably enough, coffee and bagel time" At least once a week I like to take to that barrier with a sledge hammer which is where our amphibious workout came in today. One person says crazy, my brother and I say "what can we can achieve today and what other areas of life can we transfer the mental and physical benefits from this workout.

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