Intermittent Fasting As A Survival Tool

Today we talk about intermittent fasting, not for its health and longevity benefits, but as an incredible weapon to keep in our survival tool bag. For most people, the idea of going into the wilderness and being forced to navigate harsh terrain and travel long periods without food is an idea that would put a deep fear into most.

We often talk about hormesis and how well the human body is designed to go through periods of adaptable stress, so why are we so afraid of going without food in a survival situation like a river crossing going wrong which results in loosing a pack which contained food supplies or getting lost meaning spending more time in the wild than our food provisions allocated for? There is a massive disconnect between our physiological ability to use fat as a fuel source and the modern human who is well conditioned to overeating and relying on fast releasing carbohydrates as a fuel source.

If we had one job which was to keep the fire burning well over night we would know that throwing small kindling on the fire would not last, we would understand that building the fire up to have large hot coals which is the analogy I am using for building metabolic efficiency and then using a large slow burning log would be our best chance for sustained fire. The same example applies to us and the way we burn fuel.

One of the most common problems people run into when faced with a survival situation is the cold which we extensively cover in the theory and practical and a lack of food which usually leads the person to make bad survival decisions and results in poor mental morale which is imperative in any survival situation.

Metabolic efficiency is a term used to measure how well one's body uses fat as an energy source, just as we would understand if we were to run a marathon we would get the best result if we trained appropriately for it, to become efficient at fat burning we must also train our body to do so and incorporate it into our bushcraft and survival training. The ability to burn fat as a fuel source is an incredible string to add to any adventurers bow. Soon we will have some short videos explaining how we can practice and implement intermittent fasting and fat burning into our wilderness and survival training.

“Everyone who dies out there dies of confusion.” ― Laurence Gonzales, Deep Survival: Who Lives, Who Dies, and Why

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