Stress Activated Food Nutrients

We work off a 100% sphere that makes up performance. Nutrition could be 40%, movement could be 30%, sleep perhaps 30% etc, you get the idea.

Within the areas of nutrition, we see wild foods as fundamental bedrock. Not so much the idea of running around at night wearing a balaclava grabbing free food from others lawn's but understanding the difference between wild foods and conventionally grown food and the effects that difference has. We think of the body as a giant sensor that adapts to specific inputs, our job is to find out the best quality inputs that the human body is attuned to.

I spent the last few days in Central Otago, wild thyme country. Whilst walking through the hills and thinking about how harsh these mountains are I was reminded of how strong and resilient these plants must be. You can always find Thyme in my pack. Thymol, the active compound in Thyme is responsible for its incredible antimicrobial properties as well as it's respiratory, immune system, powerful antioxidant levels, heart health and circulatory benefits.

One area that captivates me with wild foods is their stress-activated food nutrients. One may see these pictures and say what a beautiful but barren landscape. I see this pictures and say the exact same thing but understand that any wild plants able to survive such hostile environments which would have endured cold/heat shock, lack of water and fertilisation will contain high levels of stress-activated nutrients. Certain wild plants contain nutrients in which their function is to protect the plant from environmental stressors and to ensure the plant's survival. This compound contained in wild plants called stress-activated food nutrients have the ability to do the exact same process when we consume them having a hormetic effect on the body, triggering the same gene as when we exercise and fast, giving our body the signal to adapt and improve whilst at the same time giving us a layer of antimicrobial and medicinal defence.

"I have dedicated my life to plants," says the white explorer searching for a sacred healing plant to the amazonian Sharman "that's the most sensible thing I have ever heard a white man say" says the amazonian Sharman. Embrace of the serpent.

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