What is your role, your function, your purpose, in this world?


We believe in upholding what it means to be a man to the highest value of the word, we choose to decide the cards we get dealt and live our life with the strongest of intent.


Our purpose is to forge ourselves into the best fathers, partners and role models we can, to discover our true mark and constantly challenge ourselves to achieve the absolute most out of every day.


We understand the challenges and unpredictability this world can bring and prepare ourselves to live life with supreme confidence and adaptability, not only for ourselves but for our families and loved ones. 


We believe our work should be our craft and true passion. Every day we work hard to design a life that provides optimal health, strength, and resilience. As it happens, we get a real kick out of helping other men achieve the same thing.


So, how do we do this? We provide courses for the development of men who want to achieve great things in this world.


We architect one-of-a-kind courses that realign men with their true passion and teach mindset strategies, skills and knowledge which can be transferred to optimise any and every aspect of their lives. Our training and courses showcase the mental, emotional and physical capabilities every man holds.


Based on scientific evidence and research into the Human Blueprint, our background, and the knowledge we have personally sought to better understand every aspect of optimisation, including nutrition, physical training, mindset, and more, our courses equip men with the skills and the heart to be the very best man they can be.

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Ben Logan

- Director & Lead Instructor -

As an elite athlete, health, performance and survival specialist, Ben’s ultimate passion is reconnecting men with their purpose and providing them with the skillsets needed to thrive in this world, allowing them to transfer those benefits to their business, personal and family life. When he’s not in the backcountry mountains of Wanaka training with his Alaskan Malamute, Maska, you can usually find him testing new research on human optimisation, survival training and exploring with his family the beautiful region of Wanaka that he calls home. He has worked and trained with men from all walks of life from fathers and sons through to corporates, some of the world's best athletes and military personnel.

- Instructors -


All of our instructors are highly trained and have extensive backgrounds in personal development, high-performance leadership, resilience and mindset training. More importantly, they walk their talk and live this lifestyle. Their work is a byproduct of themselves and are dedicated to high-performance self-improvement.

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I was gifted an online course from my wife. I must say at first I was a bit reluctant after not having much success with other courses in the past. I was first attracted to Ben's ideas and philosophies as to what it meant to be a man in this modern world. It truly changed the way I viewed myself and has made me a better Husband, Father and Man. What started out as an obligation turned into an incredible experience.

Brain Sam's, Surveyor

I found Ben to be a rare and very clever man. My online course was unlike any other, easy to organise and complete and highly rewarding. The team at Logan Lore are onto something very special.

Simon Brown, Lawyer

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