Our mindset is that success is the culmination and byproduct of well-planned foundations and finer details coming perfectly together. This is a mentality we take into all of our courses. When it comes to natural disasters and emergency situations, having the right plan and gear in place are key foundations to your personal and families success.


At Logan Lore, we have a well-controlled obsession with preparedness, forward-thinking and self-reliance. Our greatest reward is working with other like-minded people to help them achieve the same goals and to see those benefits take shape.


Our Emergency Kit and Preparedness Consulting is a key element of Logan Lore Survival. When forward planning for emergency situations or other natural disasters, the idea of formulating a kit and gear preparedness plan for yourself and family can be an overwhelming thought. Using our background and knowledge in crisis management and in gear preparedness, this service is uniquely designed to assist in that process and to provide a tailored emergency insurance policy for your company, organisation, family and loved ones. 


How we can help:

We don't work from a template. We understand that you are an individual and have different needs to others. With all of our courses, we take tremendous pride in our ability to tailor information, knowledge and strategy. Our goal with this service is to create the best level of tailored emergency preparedness and survival kits for you and your family based appropriately around your needs and recourses. Everyone deserves the peace of mind that preparedness brings and it is our job to help provide that assurance regardless of your budget or stock.


How it works:

Our job is to turn what some may think as a daunting job and process into a relaxed and empowering experience. 

Our remote consultation option provides the flexibility and the same level of service as our in-person training but from the ease and convenience of your laptop, removing all geographical barriers. We communicate via any reliable conference call platform. 


Preparedness training is a form of self-development and is incredibly empowering. These skills and mindsets can be transferred to all aspects of life. After seeing and feeling the benefits of this training, many people wish to further develop their skills sets through our survival courses. 


The question we always ask is; if there was a natural disaster or other emergency situation, would you and your family have the appropriate kit and gear to not only survive but thrive? if not then it would be our pleasure to help you to develop that peace of mind. Before making any decisions either way, schedule in below for a free consultation to put a voice to the text and find out more about what we do, our methods and training. If you have any questions you would prefer to email, please use the form below.

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Thank you, Talk soon.

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