Logan Lore Corporate Expeditions are designed for those teams with an adventurous spirit who want something highly unique and different to the traditional corporate retreat.


Staged in the mountains of Queenstown and Wanaka, our survival-based adventure expeditions are a team building, leadership and resilience challenge like no other.


Expertly architected by some of the world's best instructors on human performance, team building, leadership, resilience and mindset, this experience is designed to redefine what is possible within the workplace. All of our Corporate Expeditions are bespoke, designed specifically around the companies individual requirements and desired outcomes.


- Objectives, Outcomes, Experience -

To remove the team from their usual surroundings
allowing for new workplace perspectives and team

To provide a challenging experience that showcases
the groups and individual's strengths and weaknesses in
real-time, highlighting what works and what needs

To provide a bespoke experience designed around the
companies identity, the desired outcomes and
challenges that are scaled to the team's individual ability


World-leading expert knowledge on team building,
leadership, resilience and mindset.

Increased productivity through greater overall team
resilience, more effective team management,
interpersonal understanding and leadership which yields
sustainable, real-world results.

Through challenge and adversity brings a tremendous amount of enjoyment and an opportunity for the team to interact in a way like never before.



Aside from our Corporate Performance Challenges and Expeditions, we offer dedicated performance, team building, leadership, resilience and company culture training for you and your team.


You know your company inside and out, our goal is to challenge what is possible in the workplace and to introduce mindset training, performance, team building and leadership concepts and strategies which are sustainable and can yield tangible, real-world results. The question we ask on this course is how can we do better both individually and as a collective team. We isolate what is working well and pinpoint the areas that can be improved on and then go to work using the Logan Lore concepts.


Our background and deep understanding of human optimisation, leadership and mindset training is coupled with scientific studies, which we then use to tailor your course to create an experience which is designed specifically for your team. The outcome being scientifically proven higher productivity and efficiency, increased creative thinking, greater resilience and stress response and a happier and healthier unit along with reduced financial and team strain from sick leave. We operate by the concept of the aggregation of marginal gains, the understanding that if every aspect of personal and workplace performance can be improved by a few percent then those small gains throughout the company can add up to remarkable improvements. Another key objective is removing teams and its individuals from their day-to-day work surroundings to break pattern and allow for objective thinking, clarity of mind and new perspectives.


We see a company's success as an expression and byproduct of many fine parts coming together. Skillsets, structure, teamwork, culture and a common goal. Together, let's strengthen that byproduct resulting in your company being a high-performance unit, leading in its industry.

Performance Training.


Having happy, healthy, strong and resilient staff combined with a powerful drive and understanding of their need and purpose within the company is an incredible asset. Our tailored courses endeavor to truly optimise your team so those benefits can be transferred into the workplace. We are not talking about green smoothies. We are talking about scientifically proven knowledge and strategies to enable your team to operate at 100% such as the art of developing and honing peak flow state and using cold water therapy, appropriate exercise, movement and nutrition to improve productivity and efficiency whilst at the same time reducing overall sick leave.

Mindset and Resilience Training.


Whether it be an accident on Everest or the inability to meet deadlines, the same mental strategies are needed to overcome the issue. Unfortunate problems do happen both in personal and business life, how we mentally and emotionally respond to those problems largely dictates the outcome of the obstacle. Through our mental skills component of the training, we will equip your team with one of a kind mindset strategies, resilience training and knowledge, helping to better navigate inevitable future setbacks whilst at the same time building emotion and mental resolve.

Team Building and Leadership Training.


We don't believe in the classroom approach to team building. We get people out into the wilderness, which is where the big transformations and new perspectives happen. Our team building and leadership training program provide the framework and foundation which upholds the unit throughout the highs and the lows and creates absolute communication, synchronicity, and respect throughout the team. We place a large emphasis on interdependence and also independence, enabling self-reliance and also team communication. We have very unique teams challenges which can only be completed by clear lines of communication and well-demonstrated leadership. This is designed to start the process of turning the theory into practice in a team environment. Very quickly the team will see what is working and what needs to be addressed which can be done in real time throughout the challenge. We are not looking to achieve high fives, we are looking to redefine what is possible within the workplace.​

Corporate Retreats

For those teams looking for something truly remarkable. Our job is to facilitate and deliver and experience that has your team leaving as a more revitalised, stronger and resilient unit than when it arrived with fresh perspectives and a clear mindset. 

Through our partners and networks in the region, we have full accommodation, transport, catering and conference facilities for management to also be apart of the action whilst taking care of the strategic planning needs. Within our team, we also have an in house professional photographer and videographer to be able to capture moments and stories throughout the retreat.

Corporate expeditions, training and retreats, Wanaka & Queenstown, NZ.
Corporate expeditions, training and retreats, Wanaka & Queenstown, NZ.

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Corporate expeditions, training and retreats, Wanaka & Queenstown, NZ.
Corporate expeditions, training and retreats, Wanaka & Queenstown, NZ.

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Corporate expeditions, training and retreats, Wanaka & Queenstown, NZ.
Corporate expeditions, training and retreats, Wanaka & Queenstown, NZ.

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