For those looking for an adventure of a lifetime combined with learning advanced cold water immersion knowledge and strategies, this is for you.

Our mission is to take groups of men and woman who are looking to test themselves and explore the frontiers of cold water training into the heart of New Zealand's rawest yet most stunning environments for guided single and multi-day Expeditions.

The Expeditions will be centred around long hikes into our destination, well-balanced hardship that will be supported by the highest feeling of group comradery, amazing food, one of a kind training and knowledge, camping in the heart of the Southern Alps with the pinnacle of the adventure being swims in some of New Zealand's most stunning alpine lakes.

The only cold water immersion expeditions in the world. Join us for a remarkable adventure and discover the health, happiness, strength and resilience that comes from this practice.

Due to the current COVID - 19 global crisis, our Cold Water Expeditions are unfortunately on hold until travel and social distancing bans are lifted. Our primary goal is to ensure everyone's safety so we need to play our part in stopping the spread. If you are interested in our Expeditions in the future, please get in touch via email so we can start talking.

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