"We want to show you how we live, what we do and architect an experience you will tell your grandchildren about."


From a family bonding experience to a fathers and sons adventure or a men's expedition, we will take you into the most stunning yet rugged backcountry areas this land has to offer whilst teaching the Logan Lore concepts and providing a challenging experience unlike any other.


You tell us what you would like to achieve and we will make that happen. Every single one of our bespoke courses are unique. Together, we design your course around the time of year and seasons, participants age, group size, experience level and your time availability. 

Throughout the years of hosting our bespoke courses, we have had the privilege of facilitating life-changing experiences where families, fathers and sons and groups of friends can come together to test themselves and solidify their lifelong bond. We have been there to see the highs and lows, the laughs, the comradery and the incredible transformation that happen throughout the adventures.


To design a bespoke course, contact us below so we can start the adventure.

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